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Can't create new Feedback

Guest Miyu*

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Guest Square Fenix

Hi there


You need wait 3 days before you can create other feedback ticket agian.

Since this is not bug.


I hope this explains your question.



Kind Regards

Total EDM

TruckersMP Support Team




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Guest CrackPrewier


Usually feedbacks ticket close one(1)week after by bot,

E.g a photo:


After the topic is closed,You must wait three(3) days for you can prepare your ticket again.

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Guest Frosty.

Hello @Miyuki,


As I see 2 answers have been given, I'd like to know if your problem has been solved now.

Please let me know by marking the best answer.


Thank you.

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Guest Miyu*

No, I am not looking for an answer. I am just reporting a bug. Because I didn't open the feedback 3 days ago. In fact, the staff closed the feedback 3 days ago. I opened the feedback on 28 June. Did you guys look at the warning? It says "You have created a feedback 3 days ago.", not "Staff have closed a feedback 3 days ago". So I should be able to send another feedback at 31 Jun, not 16 July.


Otherwise if staff forgot to close my feedback, I won't be able to use that system again, am I correct? So it IS a bug. Please move it back to the bug section.

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