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  1. Miyuki

    Ban the person above you (game) V3

    Banned for enjoying Real Life Crashing.
  2. Use olá to say "Hi" instead of hola.
  3. Miyuki

    About, feedback

    I have a feedback ticket opened for half a month but still no replies. So be patient, you are not number 1 in the queue.
  4. Miyuki

    China晨曦Motorcade Rubbish

    Please make a web report instead. Holy smokes I thought that was my truck being stolen ...
  5. #NeedModeratorsAttention.

    Sometimes I wanna spam someone with the "Confused" reputation to annoy him as there is already another guy doing the same thing on me but the CM says "no offense".

    I am not a confused reputation collector as it won't increase my community reputation. Stop being an ____ and annoy me anymore!

    Ignore doesn't help cause the user can keep "confusing me" without notice. When I check my reputation activity, what I can do is ... (sigh)


    1. IpilkAlaus


      I put the laugh reaction now. Is it OK?

      Alternatively, you can stop being so sensitive about what is really not that ill-minded and just don't take stuff so seriously ;)

      Also, you seem to be worried about your community repuutation. Wow. As if that's what matters in life.

    2. Miyuki


      I warned before.


    3. IpilkAlaus


      Yeah well.... I will react however I want to your posts. It's your choice to ignore it or be a drama queen about it.

  6. The moderators may consider to pin this post.
  7. Miyuki

    reverse lights

    In that case, it will look like there is an oncoming traffic driving in the wrong way. I must admit I can barely see those lights on daytime but putting in reverse gear I could hear the beep beep sound.
  8. Miyuki

    ☆ The use of Beacon Lights ☆

    I thought the only usage was: With loads at night. (which before rules update, I barely use beacons) So it can be used to attract attention when there is danger ahead. I was using hazard lights only and to be honest, at daytime, it is barely visible (especially for those guys who only care to drive at the maximum allowed speed). And now I have a second option. Thanks for sharing.
  9. Miyuki

    Your trucks

    Scania S730 V8 (High Roof) Engine: DC16 107 730 Euro 6 V8 Gearbox: Scania GA867 R Automatic Interior: Exclusive V8 UK Non save edited.
  10. Miyuki

    VS Game

    Google Veteran Driver vs Pro Driver
  11. He will never play ETS2 anymore.
  12. Miyuki

    Headlights: High Beams (Flashing)

    I only use that for: Say Hi (2 short flashes) Giving Way (2 short flashes) I'm overtaking (2 short flashes) (to oncoming traffic) You stepped on my lane (long flash until he goes back his lane) (to oncoming traffic) Dangerous / Admin ahead (multiple flashes)
  13. Miyuki

    VS Game

    C-D (Because Convoy = basically no oncoming traffic) vs
  14. Miyuki

    About a ban due to low fps

    Solution: Never overtake on C-D road.