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Strange Latency/Lag (sort of) Issue.



Firstly, I haven't really used this forum much so I apologise if this is the wrong place to post about this.


I have used TruckersMP now since 2016 and usually driven on my own. When I say driven on my own, I mean with other players but not like, with them to the same destination.

Anyway, I have recently started driving with other players and we take external loads because it is easy to get them to the same destination. We don't mind the 90km/h limit.

However, when we drive at 90km/h, the limit, all other players can keep up with the front person, but slowly I start to drift behind. Like, it looks as if they are going like 91km/h or 92km/h to me when it just says 90km/h on the speedometer. 

I find this very strange as my internet is certainly not bad. My ping is usually always less than 50ms, and on average in the 30s. Furthermore, people say I don't lag at all which makes it very strange to me that my truck would be driving "slower".


Anyone got any solutions or reasons as to why this would only be happening to me?

Thanks in advance :D

Happy Trucking, Sam.

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There may be many reasons for this:


  • Internet values, Ping.
  • In-game FPS value.
  • The region you live in.

So, in the game the momentary speed of 0-5 km / h it may be different.


Best regards.


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@Sam11 Hey,

There may be a few reasons for this! 

It is possible to first consider system properties. (internet speed&video card)

Secondly , some features offered in game as DLC , it can cause you to go slow.(for example ''National Window Flags'')

Finally , please check in-game setting --->gameplay;

-speed stabilizer range

-intelligent speed stabilizer range.

Check these steps , it will help you.

Best Regards :thisisfine::wub:

Kind Regards,

TruckersMP Game Moderator


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