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No mouse or SDK message



Hi all,


Firstly I should say that i'm writing this for a friend who's having issues getting back into ETS2MP, so i'm going off what he's told me here.


Basically what he's saying is, when he launches ETS2MP after downloading the latest version and opting out of all beta's, he arrives at the first login screen, where you type your MP username & password. His mouse cursor is not visible/usable at all.

Upon hitting enter, he goes to the profile selection screen (still with no functional mouse cursor) and is NOT confronted with the SDK usage notice that usually pops up, whether that is relevant or not I don't know.


Version 1.16 works fine for him in singleplayer apparently, and the SDK message appears for him there upon selecting his profile.


He's tried rebooting his PC (twice) as recommended in a previous thread, he's tried redownloading and reinstalling the mp mod, graphics drivers etc cannot be the issue as it works fine in singleplayer, so somewhere between SP and MP is where the problem lies.


Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Best regards,

MoonSponge :)


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