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Reckless driving - should it be context based?



So I was sitting in the yard of a garage, front towards the garage, with a trailer. I checked the minimap and saw that there was no immediate traffic outside the garage, and proceeded to back out into the road.

I was in good control of the trailer, aiming it properly towards the empty lane from which I was going to continue my journey. I was also in good control of the traffic situation, as there was none.

Suddenly, I get kicked for "reckless driving".


Look, I get it, I could've easily have turned around inside the yard of the garage, but why bother kicking someone in such a mellow and well controlled situation? I wasn't speeding, wasn't blocking, and certainly not being reckless.

I got hit by others recklessly 3 times on my last journey, but no kicking occured in any of those situations. I see people ramming others on purpose in the entrances of pickup yards all the time without getting kicked.


My questions here are as follows:

Is this regime of randomly kicking on principle a common theme amongst moderators?

Is it a common problem there may be some desynch in the network, leading to me seeing a completely different traffic situation than what the moderator saw?

Should I always drive in fear of doing something wrong, even when I'm not?

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Hi there,


I'll take this opportunity to elaborate on your points:

  1. Certainly not. I wouldn't refer to such as a 'regime' to start, and there could be multiple reasons why you were kicked. It's more than possible that it could simply be a case of Wrong ID or mistaken identity, and coincidentally happened just as you were reversing out. The act of GM's randomly kicking players is not something that we condone nor allow at any point. I can assure you that GM's have rules in place to prevent such happening.
  2. I wouldn't say common, and in your case it does not sound as though desync was to blame. We have had cases, and continue to have cases where some players experience desync, and as a result don't see others around them. It's not a common occurrence, but it does happen now and again. In your case, I believe that you're seeing correctly and weren't experiencing desync, but the possibility is always there.
  3. Certainly not. You should be able to drive and enjoy yourself, not play in fear of being kicked or banned. We, as Game Moderators, punish based on the rules and the rules only; we never kick or ban players based off opinion or similar. If you aren't breaking our rules, then we won't punish; simple. Of course, mistakes happen but those are easily rectified. You should never drive or play in fear of anything; enjoying your game and using our mod is of optimum importance. The last thing any of us want is players afraid of getting punished.


If you ever want to raise anything more about this, feel free to submit a feedback ticket and one of our upper staff team will be more than happy to discuss things with you.


On a more personal note: I personally don't have any issues with players reversing out onto the road, if it's clear of others and you've made sure of that. Getting kicked when no-one was around wasn't needed, and I'm sorry for any inconvenience that caused.


Thank you,


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Guest Frosty.

Your questions are okay, you may ask them here on the forum.


As for what you mentioned earlier, the forum is NOT the place to talk about your kicks nor bans. Hope you understand.


Happy trucking!




/ Locked and moved to solved to prevent content farming (I'm a newbie, so any upper staf may unlock this post anytime :P)

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I reverse out too, what i hate is people who insist on horn spamming you & flashing when they are not even close to hitting you....trucks, buses etc reverse out of places all the time & have no issues because IRL people give them room & know they wont be held up for long! Its the same with the level crossing, you cant drive over it even when the gates are up if the reds are still flashing, yet people like at traffic lights insist on harassing you....does my head in how plain rude & ignorant people are 

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