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Question about ETS2 MP



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If your new account doesn't have Euro Truck Simulator 2,you can not enter MP.you should buy ETS2 and Sign up TruckersMP.

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Bom dia,


The login is incorrect because you are sharing your Euro Truck Simulator 2 from your other account!



Steam account 1:

[email protected] --> 4321


Steam account 2:

[email protected] --> 1234


If you are in account 2 and put the email of account 1 the game don´t will not open because the Steam account email does not match with the TruckersMP email


This topic can help you: 

Best regards,


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1 hour ago, Kalvuslik[EST] said:

If I have a ETS2 on my steam account, I can use my old account trucker's mp account?


No,You can't use your old TruckersMP account for your new steam account.You should open new TruckersMP account.

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