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I do not understand


hello moderators adminstradores help me please do not understand why some reckless drivers are passing unhindered to the reports on the site TMP see these videos and respond me kindly if they can only be kicked happened the 2 Hours 03 Minutes 50 Seconds of the video 


Edited by DeltaVolpe (3150) Thyago
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Dear @DeltaVolpe (3150) Thyago, it is quite hard to judge what you are really asking for. If your question is whether the incidents of the videos can be reported or not, the answer is 'Yes', since they clearly violated the rules by driving recklessly, which resulted in an accident. But instead of creating this thread you should have just reported these incidents here: https://truckersmp.com/reports/create. If you are unsure about how to report people, there's actually tons of guides and instructions in our forums about it. A basic guide on the reporting system is already linked above, but since you seem to be coming from Brazil the Portuguese version might come in handy here:


Please have a look at these guides as well, if you are still unsure about creating web reports:



Please let us know if your question has been answered sufficiently, or if you need any further information. Thank you.

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35 minutes ago, SolarisStyx said:

When you have SUFFICIENT video evidence of rule violators, it is better to report them via the TruckersMP Reports System rather than using the in-game system.

Kindly refer to the official guide on how to use the Report System below:



The topic creator has already mentioned reports on the website?


OP: This is nothing any of us regular users can answer. You will need to use the feedback tool or contact the team member who closed the report.

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