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Game crash due to chat



Hi all, I have been having a problem lately where TruckersMP crashes my game when I either type in chat, or when a public message pops up.  I have tested ETS2 and ATS outside of TruckersMP and they work normally.  It is only when running them with the TruckersMP mod that either game crashes. 

The game crashes in the following scenarios:

1. I am playing the game normally and decide to type in the chat window, the game crashes when I press "y"

2. I am playing the game normally and a public message pops up in the chat, the lower left corner of the screen develops weird lines in the same color as the chat text that covers the lower left corner of the screen, and the game crashes

3. The game has also crashed at random times without anything seemingly to do with the chat, only when using TruckersMP, not separately


System specs:

Alienware 15 R2

CPU: Intel i7 4720HQ

GPU: Externally connected MSI Nvidia GTX 1070 8G Gaming X


OS: Windows 10 Pro

C Drive(OS): Litonit L8T-128L9G-11 M.2 2280 128GB

Games are saved to: Samsung 850 EVO M.2 SSD 1TB

Monitor: Dell S2417DG 2k


I have trouble running the game with DirectX 9 so I had to resort to running with OpenGL.  I believe something to do with OpenGL and the mod is the cause but not sure.  I have to run with OpenGL since I only get 40 frames or less with DirectX but an average of 60 with OpenGL

Graphics are on high except:

Shadow texture size was set manually to "512"

Mirror Resolution is "Medium"

The above tweaks give me better performance


I have already tried:

Verifying game files

Reinstalling TruckersMP

Deleting mod folders

Running TruckersMP as administrator


Attached is a crash log file after pressing "y" for chat and extra system info(dxdiag)


Thanks in advance for the help!



Canada Eh?

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Please Follow this step's:

1-) Go to Documents and Delete the ETS2MP Folder

2-) Press the Windows Key + R (Win+R) on your keyboard

3-) Enter "%programdata%" and press Enter (Without the quotes)

4-) Find the folder "TruckersMP" and delete that folder.

5-) Navigate to C:\Program Files\ and delete the folder named "TruckersMP Launcher"

6-) And, go to re/download this launcher here: https://truckersmp.com/download  

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do you use in the Multiplayer some AFK Bot or similar?

Because one of my friends had exact the same Problem and

we fixed it with reinstall the Laucher.

So please try this Steps:


  • Search in your System for -> regedit
  • After you opened it please search for this Names -> TruckersMP and ETS2MP (for ats) -> ATSMP
  • Delete all this Files until you are done and can´t find anything with this Names
  • Turn off your Anti Vir
  • Download the Launcher from here -> https://truckersmp.com/download
  • Install the Launcher new
  • Start him with "Admin"

Should that still not work, please feel free to contact the Support over there -> https://support.truckersmp.com/

Hope it helps ;)


~White Wolf~

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Guest Eagl223

Hello @[VIVA] YANTHA3 ,


This is a bug. 

I have linked articles with the same issues, they have been solved. 

If nothing works you can press F9 to turn on/off the chat. 

Keep us updated with this issue.

Yours sincerely,




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Hello :)

Follow these guides: 

> You maybe need a new profile,delete old and get a new one.

> Don't use unsupported mods.Also too many mods can cause your game to crash.You can find supported and allowed mod from here.

> Delete file Documents/ETSMP (Please before deleting,backup this file)

> Make sure you have the latest .Net Framework (4.7) & DirectX & Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 and use CCleaner to remove temporary files and obsolete registry paths.




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