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How to build a truckersmp server



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Unfortunately, this functionality isn't possible like it is with other games such as Minecraft, Battlefield. However, the TruckersMP team do a fantastic job keeping centralised servers running. This has clear benefits as it means players get a large place with ample room, slots to play with friends and others. Besides, a private server would introduce a form of competition that may damage the actual mod's popularity and create problems with integrating and swapping servers.


Although this may prove a good idea at times, such as for specific events the team has already introduced a server that is available for custom events when they happen to separate normal users from those interested in participating with the event. If you wish to contact the team and discuss an event that may meet the requirements for this then they are available at: https://truckersmp.com/feedback.


Best of luck, happy trucking!

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In short - you don't. TruckersMP is a modification of American Truck Simulator and Euro Truck Simulator 2. They don't provide any materials for a user to host a server. You may only connect to the servers they provide to play online with other truckers. While some of the servers might change for different events - I'm 99.999% sure they don't have any plans on making the mod available for other users to create their own server. 


I hope this has helped.


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