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Cannot report player



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Dear @SaltedJello,


You've got this issue because you don't know how to properly use TruckersMP's web report system.


Anyway, I'm sure that guide below will help you a lot in learning how to use this system.

And for the last thing, I'm recommending using video evidence rather than picture evidences because game moderators can see what exactly happened.


Moved to help.


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^This might help you:

42 minutes ago, [LKW Tr.] Akoa said:


I just wanted to add that if your mean that your don't know the player's ID is: 1381348

And in the perpetrator box you have to put that number that I told you, you can't put the player's name.

To get the player's name in-game next time write in the chat the next command:

/pinfo ingameID


/pinfo 3025


Also, take a look on this topic and read answer by DJ Jefferz.



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