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1.30 ETS2 wont start, fatal error



Hello, me and my friends recently updated to newest version of TMP and ETS2 to play together, and all of us have same problems.

There are multiple cases of what can happen.


In Hvataj.png(image attached) you can see result of case 1

Just an error message and game is white.

In Hvataj2.png and Hvata3j.png you can see result of case 2

Game starts, everything is black(I cannot se ETS2 mutiplayer logo, or anything, but I can hear it)

Than it pops up an menu. Darker menu in which I cannot use mouse, but I can navigate with keyboard

After choosing profile mouse is still stuck and black overlay is still shown.

Notice that I do not get login panel open even tho I am opening TMP.


Ver.png is attached to show versions.


Hope this gets fixed soon. :):)


EDIT: Yes, I know that there is another post about this but it lacked info that could be helpful for devs 








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Try this solution:

1. Open settings of shortcut TruckersMP, into field "Object" add " -rdevice dx9".

Example (assuming the launcher is installed in the default folder): "C:\Program Files\TruckersMP\Launcher.exe" -rdevice dx9

2. Run TruckersMP and try go to the game.

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