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Cinematic Empire :D

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Hello Guys iam [GER]015IronTige015 i have created a channel with the Name: IronTiger ^^




Yeah everybody who click on it sees that the channel is really young and there also at the moment many videos.

But this will change in Future.

Iam really focusing on making good videos.

And its only going to be about the Eurotruck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator.

I hope you Like my Work.

If you got something or you think you got something to improve my channel write a message under the video or write me private message on the forum.

And before Thanks for the Media i this topic get accepted. :)




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Hello Guys, i really have to Say i got NO inspiration at the moment for creating a video so i maked some nice screenshots instead.

Because i really dont want to Upload trash videos here in TruckersMP Forum as also on my youtube channel.


Idk when the next video will come sry :o


I really want to ask you Guys what you would like here next as an video ??

Maybe your Inspiration will flame my again xD














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Hey Guys sry that i have to write this time a Text but before i got a inactivity warning. :)


I got a new PC also build by myself.

Before installed all again and set all Softwares back how it was it will takes some time.


So Hopefully in middle of next week it should be done :)

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