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ETS2MP Freezes after 5-10 min

Wesley G


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To fix your problem, you only have to wait. This can take you about 15 minutes. But especially when your game freeze, does nothing more, do not touch your computer anymore and be patient.  
The Reason of the Game Freezing like this is because of:
You have a lot of Money / Garages / Drivers etc.









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Just now, Wesley G said:

I think method 2 is why

i have lot of money and garages etc.


ill try it

Thanks ;)

Dear @Wesley G,

 If the problem has been solved with the answer you have been given, please inform us

A greeting.

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Hello @Wesley G,


If your game crash, I advise you to use this method:

Follow the instructions :

1) Start a command line as an administrator (cmd)

2) Run the command: sfc / scannow

3) Wait, and then restart your computer

4) Launch a 64-bit DirectX game

    A. Go to your Steam library,

    B. Click on play 

    C. And select (launch with DirectX 64bit)

5) Drive a short distance

6) Quit game

7) Start Multiplayer




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Depending on Your PC, espacially low Spec or bad Configuration, here are a few Tweaks to run the Multiplayer nearly Lag Free.


- A Problem in Multiplayer is the Autosave. More to Save means Lag. One Profile for Single Player and One Profile for Multiplayer, without any Mods. Keep the Multiplayer Profile "small" that means, not more than 15 Drivers in 3 Garages. They will generate Enough Money when they level up. You can Buy every Garage on the Map, but do not assign any Drivers to them.

- Do not Download Profiles from any Modhosters. If You wanna Cheat Money/EXP/Levels/Garages and so on, do it with a Tool on your own PC with your own fresh Profile. A good Tool to use, is this One:

- Start the TruckersMP Launcher and ATS/ETS2 always as Adminstrator.

- Check your Internet Connection ( Speed) and disable Autoupdates from Background Programms, like Antivirus and Others, while you playing.

- If you having Low RAM Capacity, start the Game with a Tool like "Razor Cortex", specially usefull for PC´s with Onboard Graphic that spares the RAM with the GPU.

- Disable the Development Logging in Multiplayer and other Stuff that will decrease the Performance.





Theese few Steps should decreasing the Lag in Multiplayer


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tl;dr: Your game is freezing every 5-10 minutes because of the auto save. The easiest and quickest fix is 1.Install the game on a SSD 2.Sell every truck and driver you have. That's a 80% fix for this problem. The rest is how fast is your HDD (if you are not using a SSD) and depending how good are your PC specs.

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