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New Double Trailer Collision Zone Bug


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Mod Version: 1.28.1

Controllers Used: Xbox 1

Description of Issue: I was at the mechanic at Bergen today, where people just can't simply exit with their truck without flying (well, they can't anywhere in this game). I sat for about 5 minutes time to think what made them fly until I came to the thought that when a truck with a double trailer exits a non-collision zone, the second trailer get's stuck inside trucks within the non-collision zone, which makes the truck fly. I hope you understand, 'cause it's hard to explain.


How to reproduce: When the truck and it's main trailer is out in the collision-zone and it's second trailer inside the non-collision-zone, if another truck drives inside the second trailer, the whole truck (with both trailers) is flying because the game physics just registers that the truck is stuck in something.


Screenshots / Videos: None.

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