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Real download queue

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I would like to hang out with my idea of a realistic queue for loading trailers, the point is to make it realistic and not as at the moment pulled up hooked and left, and make an expectation when this or that player gets hooked and the next you or someone else. And then we drive up to the loads and there is such a large flow of Drivers and in the textures you load. Well, here it was to think that you as a respected developer could have made such loading as in real life, we are not in 30 seconds loaded into the real life. And to make a queue for downloading and that every player to which it is to be uploaded was about 2 minutes, booted went out of the company the next player pulled up and so on.

Please do not answer me "How is this not possible?" And just sit down and think about how to implement it, how in real life the download goes so do and you, we players saw what you are capable of and we are proud of you, thanks for Multiplayer!

I translated the text in an interpreter, since I'm from Russia, and we use your game and are very glad that you did it for all of us! And we really respect you! For your work, but I want a little bit,And you want a bit of Download Realism. Thank you!


Unfortunately, I can not post a photo or video as this should look like everything, but you will think and you will succeed!

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Hello @Belov.[64 RUS],


I have to inform you that your suggestion will most likely be declined because you do not use the mandatory format which has to be followed:

  • A fitting title.
  • A description of what the suggestion is about.
  • A reason why it should be added/removed/changed.
  • Any eventual example images or similar.

If possible, change that by editing your topic or add the necessary content in another reply.


Thank you for your understanding.



Kind regards,

TruckersMP Moderator

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