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I was just looking at my penalty history, where I see that I was banned in September 2014, which is true, but there is a new history there saying I was banned on 16-December 2014 for "ramming", no information given on how long the ban was. This was added within the last week, so it went on record far after the date the ban was claimed to be issued. But, I know for a fact I was not banned twice, just once in September. The fact that you would document a ban for something that never happened is extremely disappointing and sad. I may have been kicked in this situation, but not banned. Like I said, there was no info's on the length of the ban, and the documentation was added after Christmas (the claimed date that the ban was issued on was before Christmas; ei. This may have been a misreading of the kick/ban files). So, I would appreciate it if you removed this document, and if you can't for some reason then make it possible in the future, or at least keep track of whether penalties are bans or kicks.

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