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New Server Idea Hardcore Mode "Role-Play" // Closed subject.


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Suggestion Name: can we have a server with traffic offence alway on ? and speed limiter is a little bonus if needed or asked.. ( i would like have one with the traffic offence for all players ) 

Suggestion Description:you dont have the option to pull out the traffic offence in your menu ( server dedicated for that ) ... ( i mean a hardcore server for those like me who really want having fun and having a real server for this kind of purpose )

Any example images: 





( picture used above are just as exemple.. )


Why should it be added?: like that every time you are ramming any other user ( players ) you get a fine + you have the chance to get reported.. that will reduce the number of accident, red light offence problem solved ( except if you have ton of money and just dont care about the game and other players that want to get respected and have more realistic server.. ) ( you will have EU 12345 to do what you want, but on this server it will force players to respects rules of law ) mayby less report and a better place to drive. i see only benefit for this kind of server, the counter part is the number of server are quite high but some server are almost all way empty we could make and experimental server to see if it worth to keep or trash it...


already said that we are not a GTA/NFS game, and any suggestion should be take in count..... :


''' On 06/06/2017 at 2:58 AM, scarface0359 said:

We are always working to improve our current way of working, so any useful feedback will be taken into consideration. ''''''


i have used the search fonction befor making the post.. if you find exactly the same post or something reallly similar ill look to it. ( but the post is about a HARDCORE SERVER. )


(everyone is welcome to give out an opinion but as long you respect the choice, the idea of other users and make constructive feedback)


Thank for taking time to read out my idea.


Kehox :)


Edit 1 : i found an idea similar, but mine is a different .. ( ENG/FR thread, but i wanted just link it to make an association with mine on the Ideal server... )




thnx to @SovHed for the idea of adding ( '' "Role-Play" '' to my title )




(Short Update to see if that is worth to keep the discussion )



Update 1 :  for the first 12 hours i think personaly it looking good .. 

2 person think it could be possible or see an interest.

2 person dont see the idea working or dislike ( -1 )  ( and i totaly respect your choice ) 

1 person that i cant say if yes or no would like it...


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Your idea will not work.You have to remember to activate/deactivate the penalty system via the normal menu

and not over the MP option.As well as I think it would not prevent the players from sticking to the rules.

As you have mentioned, most possess more than enough money,so this would not be an obstacle for them.

I think the only thing that remains to them is as realistic as possible to play is EU1...  ^_^


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I've been thinking this would be a great idea, perhaps it should be named a "Role-Play" server... I've found that if you put that in the name of a server people are instantly disinterested in playing there, unless they have a genuine desire to RP/play like a sensible person.

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2 hours ago, ThatCrazyPillow #Wish64 said:

I don't see how this could work. You can just turn your speed limiter and traffic offense on yourself, there would be no need for a special server just for serious people. Most will play on EU1 for realism anyways.



on this server you will not have the option to pull out the traffic offence, about speedlimiter ( that would be an extra because already EU1 is.. ) im sure the dev team can make a line of code for it, secondly if you dont like it go on any other server else... i want have a realistic server and i think we are ready to make a try, or simply talk about it.. i think you have enough choice to not come on this server if you dont like restriction and stric rule !


but thnx to 


@ThatCrazyPillow #Wish64

@Chio San




for the comment for now :)

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i think the main goal of the '' Hardcore Server '' is to trying to reduce the amount of accident/troll/red light burner ...and for the second goal it to get a place where the maximum rule of law in the reality could be fun to be in game, and the fine ( ticket/infraction ) is to trying to make people realize they need to be more careful on the road/highway.for the third goal is to have more fun with those serious driver who want that kind of server in MP.. and mayby ( exemple : there will be 100 / 500 of players who want that type of server to play with the reality ) so if we can make some server be less full in peak hours and during night it could be more balanced ..


yes you have reason on the fact, players could/can use cheatengine / prefab savegame / or any similar.. but i think those kind of people WHY would they come on this server and knowing exactly that server is for those who want more reality and stric rule.


getting the fine isnt about making you lost money but if you ramm people ( you still get ban ) / burn light alway , alway speed .. then just go on another server... at this moment it not the server fault if the player cant drive well ( and you know when it a Hardcore server for those who want something more smooth and friendly and more respectful and driving with rule of law for all .. )


about troll ... they are everywhere.. so no matter the server they are alway some bad driver ( idiots ) and we cant control it/them but it not a reason to not be open mind to create something different/new because of them... and  because if they break any TMP rule .. they will be ban.


but thnx you, for your opinion it really appreciate :)

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