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Launcher does not Work



OK, so my problem is not that easy i figured out after reading a lot of in here.

I updated the game, got nearly all DLC´s (but the countrycolours). 

After i installed the new heavyload dlc yesterday the game changed to (it is also shown in the upper left corner of the game)

But if i start TruckersMP the error accure expected version (my) your version

I realy did everythink written in here as solved solutions (delete TruckersMP incl all files, downgrade the game using the Beta tool of steam and going back to "NONE", i also deinstalled the game and installed it again incl the launcher but nothing helps, also checked the datafiles of the game dono how often) 

I figured out,that both .exe files in my steamapp folder of ets 2 are shown as version but when i start the game in the upper left corner there is the correct one in 32bit and 64bit.

May be its cause im using Vista, as this is the reason for most worst case thinks at the moment, but may be not.

PC is a i7 920, gForce GTX 570, 12GB DDR3 RAM, Windows Vista Home Premium 64bit.


Thanks for any advise you might have.

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Guest Anriandor

Since the topic has been inactive for 7 days, it will be moved to unsolved.

Thank you for participating.



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