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Im stuck on availeble updates



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Hello @AlexandreFolinho,


could you please fully delete the TruckersMP launcher and redownload/-install it from the homepage https://truckersmp.com/download. Then, run it as an administrator and the files should be properly installed.

In addition, make sure that the process eurotrucks2.exe is not running. Also, try to delete the file manually [C:/ProgramData/TruckersMP/core_ets2mp.dll]



Kind regards ;)

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Try to reinstall you TruckersMP Launcher maybe something stuck in the Launcher and it maybe can be fixed by reinstalling the Launcher!

If it didnt help you, send a screenshop of your error message and im ready to help you fixing this problem!

Kind regards,


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Hi there,

I have a series of steps below, for you to follow.


1. Uninstall TruckersMP completely

2.  Press (Windows Key+R) on your keyboard and type %temp% 

3. Delete all files inside there. This is commonly knows as clearing up "temporary files"

4. Re-install TruckersMP client.


Try to download the files again


Post back to let us know if it worked and we can go from there hopefully :) 

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Hello AlexandreFolinho.

*Can you provide an image of the error?
*Since when does this happen?

Possible help: 
-Do you have any beta activated? 
-Did you update the game in steam?

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