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Have you ever filed a report only to it be declined by "Wrong ID" ?


Well if this is the case then remember if you've taken evidence of someone breaking the rules and you file the report through the website "" then it's most likely the person you are reporting is not the actual person who broke the rules


What's the difference between Truckersmp ID and In Game ID?


The difference between the 2 is simple, the In Game ID is the number the player received upon logging in to the game, the Truckersmp ID is the number they were assigned when the registered with the website.


How do I Get the correct ID?


Again this is easy. When in game type /pinfo 123 and it will show the following information

1. In Game Name

2. In Game ID

3. Steam ID64 Number

4. Truckersmp ID (This is the one for website reports)


I hope the above helps you, so that you don't end up with "Declined, due to wrong ID"


Just remember that In Game ID 123 may not be the same person of truckersmp ID of 123


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