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Suggestion Name: Change all times to (UTC) Coordinated Universal Time

Suggestion Description: In Convoys and Meetings its hard to work out exact starting times of convoys. If UTC is used ,everyone in the world can easily work out there local start time , simply by adding or subtracting 7,8,10,depending on their time zone. Eaiser than adding 172 hrs 50 min
Any example images: Nope

Eaxmple :24th Wednesday 6:00 UTC time = Sydney Australia,(+11) 24th Wednesday 17:00 __ , New York USA (-5) 24th Wednesday 1:00
Why should it be added?: Everyone on same time , easy to work out and more realistic.Its eaiser to pick a convoy at the time of day you are available.Look down the list and pick out all starting between say between 6:00 & 8:00 UTC


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That's why it would be useful... Using UTC times when you plan a convoy lets everyone know what time it will be in their timezone. You place a convoy in www.ets2c.com and you just state that "It will start Sunday, December 4th, at 4 p.m." Someone sees that, he may be interested, but not knowing where you are located, 4 p.m. can mean anything. If you are in Germany, you put 3 p.m. UTC, it's the same time, and if someone from Hong Kong sees that, he knows that it will be 11 p.m. for him.

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