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ETS 2 MP Crashing when getting towed to Services




As read in the topic my ETS 2 MP keeps crashing or rather freezing when I press F7 and ask for a tow to the nearest Service station, this does not happen in Singleplayer and have never happened before to me on ETS 2 MP. It started happening recently and I have tried creating an entire new profile in the game and try that yet still the same problem. The game just keeps on freezing and I have to reboot my computer.


To specify a bit, I used to be able to play the MP without any problem at all. And this problem started occuring in the past month or two however I haven't botherd to try and solve in back then but suddenly got an urge to play some MP today and tried googeling and everything to solve this yet I come up with nothing that works.


Anyone got an idea of how to solve this I would much appreciate some help.


Best Regards & Thanks in advance


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Seems like it's a common issue. Add your problem to this s topic so it'll get looked at by a dev/manager. :)


I'd wait for longer. Give it 5 minutes and it usually works by then. It happens to me sometimes so I just wait.

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