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Report System (Griefing/Cheating)




I just had a very short question in terms of the report system (Just wanted to know for future reference) I don't report EVERYONE that bumps me or anything like that, but when I KNOW it was on purpose, you can bet for sure there is going to be a report going their way. So just a question in relation to two options in the report system.


1. Griefing


2, Cheating


What are each of these and when should I report someone with these options? I mean, Ramming is obvious, but I don't exactly understand how griefing can happen other than deliberately ramming or deliberately blocking (Which they both have their own options)


So basically, and explanation as to what classifies as griefing and cheating and when I should report someone would be a huge help, as it has been driving me up the wall haha.


Thanks guys!

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I'll try to explain them as simple as possible:

  1. Griefing = when someone comes to you and starts doing everything he can to prevent you from enjoying the game (e.g. keeps spamming you, stalking you, plays all kind of stuff through the CB radio just to annoy you)
  2. Cheating = using hacks like speedhack, teleporting around etc. (money cheats are still allowed, because MP doesn't have economy system yet and it doesn't use anything related to your in-game money)
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