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CB box thing

[VIVA HH] Kravatie

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Suggestion Name: CB Box thing
Suggestion Description: When people type, their name is displayed in a box that is faded so we can see it easier sometimes

Any example images

Why should it be added?:http://plays.tv/video/5703f597c94c7b26fd/report?from=user (NSFW) but weren't able to see who said it due to problems so i weren't able to report th eperson



No electrons were harmed during the creation, transmission or reading of this posting. However, many were excited and some may have enjoyed the experience





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Guest math-98

Maybe I'm dumb or maybe it's because of my headache but I didn't completely undertand what @kravaty asked for. Can somebody explains me plz ?

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Guest Wheezy

Hi Krav,


Good idea, myself i wear glasses and at times (especially in populated areas) i can barely see who the h*** is talking down the CB and i'm like "just one person at at time". Even if the box was just as big as the people talking on the CB. All in all a good suggestion.meaning-of-vault-boy-thumbs-up-jpg.jpg?w

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