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ATS&ETS2 MP issue

Oog | Shaitan


I downloaded new version of MP mod. Updated my ETS2 and ATS on steam to supported version ( and


When I start games on steam works fine but when I try play multiplayer on desktop icons, games crash and cant see login screen. I could play multiplayer before with old version of mod.


I tried delete and install MP mod 3 times.

I tried delete and install MP mod different location.

I tried "run as administrator".



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On 07.03.2016 at 9:43 PM, Taizun said:


If your Windows operating system is 64-bit, the game will automatically launch in 64-bit when you try to launch ETS2MP or ATSMP.

To check if your system is 64-bit, follow this guide:


my pc 64.


On 07.03.2016 at 10:11 PM, TheFlyingDutchman said:

can you provide us with your last_crash_log that you can find in ATSMP & ETS2MP folder in your documents 


I cant see any log file in my atsmp folder? Where can I find logs?

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Ok so as you dont seem to find a solution I´d recommend to uninstall MP and uninstall ets/ats then go into you document folder and see if ther still are files from the game in it. Then delet them if ther is any. (the save games will also get deleted).

Now install ets/ats and lanch it. Any problems? If not go download MP and make sure you select the correct directories when installing it. Then I´d think it will work. 

Thats my point on what you should do but you still decides wether or not you want to peform this action. :)

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