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No Sleep, or either can't teleport



HI, guys i wrote a topic yesterday in Polish section but it seems no one knows the answer to my problem, so shall i ask international i supose? so lets get you all i know about my problem:


Driving 100% no lag nothing perfectl ike always (talking about ETS2 where is the problem). now... No Traillers, if i want to go to sleep black screen comes up with e.g. 3:23 You are getting some rest... and its been for 4 hours yesterday  with same digit etc... and nothing happend so i tried to teleport to mechanic black screen and only top right corner saying Non Collision Area.. What i tried to do?


1. Reinstall ETS2

2. Reinstall TMP

3. Uninstall Ets then Tmp then install ETS first and then tmp nothing...


so i tried this steps even tho i deleted Steam and reinstalled it nothing... ATS works perfect order, all deliveries like always, sleeping okay, F7 tp works fine, so where the problem lays? on Single player i got all deliveries for ETS2 etc but when it comes to sleeping, F7 or multiplayer choosing deliveries it f... up :) 

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Hey Costy,


It's weird that the F7+enter method isn't working , it usually does.


You can also try to enable the developper console in ETS2 (as described here : http://forum.scssoft.com/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=61852 )


With the console enabled, you can enter the command g_force_economy_reset 1  - this will reset all jobs on the market.


Log out of your profile, login back and see if the jobs are now displayed. If they are , just set the command g_force_economy_reset to 0 instead of 1 .



Try it and let us know if it worked !


Doing the Multiplayer Hardcore Challenge on the Europe #2 Server - Currently level 15

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