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How to Add/Remove streams in radio

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Hello everyone, today we will learn together how add and/or remove radio streams

Let's start!


  • First of all you must go in our Documents and open the folder of the game (ETS2 or ATS)
  • Now you must open the file live_streams.sii wit notebook,
  • Now you can see this:



  • Copy one string like this:

stream_data[0]: "http://stream.radiox.com/choi.mp3|CHOI fm RadioX 98.1 (Quebec, Canada)|CHOI fm RadioX 98.1 (Quebec, Canada)||0|0"

  • Now you must look wich is the max id (for example stream_data[539]), so now edit id of the string that you have pasted before 
  • Now you have this string to edit:

"http://stream.radiox.com/choi.mp3|CHOI fm RadioX 98.1 (Quebec, Canada)|CHOI fm RadioX 98.1 (Quebec, Canada)||0|0"

  • You must edit the link (http://stream.radiox.com/choi...) with the link of the player of your favourite radio, in this case i insert the link of one italian webradio (It must be an ip:port, link.mp3)
  • Now you must edit the name of the radio (if you want), after the player link you can see the | and after the name of the radio and after another |
  • After the name of the radio you see another text (CHOI fm RadioX 98.1 (Quebec, Canada)), this is the category of the radio
  • After all this work we have this string:

stream_data[33]: "linkplayer.mp3|NAME OF THE RADIO|ALL||0|0"

  • Save the file, enter in game and listen your radio :)
  • If you want remove streams, you only need to remove the string of the radio that you want remove  :D


Now we have our favourite stream in the radio!  :D



PS: This work should work for ETS2 and ATS because it have the same script!

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