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  1. Hi guys, today i've received the dlc of steampunk and i've extracted it for curiosity, but there aren't 2 paint job, but 3! Peterbilt Kenworth VOLVO VNL This is the Volvo Vnl Folder And if in the next update we will have a volvo vnl instead of the Kenworth?
  2. Hello everyone, today we will learn together how add and/or remove radio streams Let's start! First of all you must go in our Documents and open the folder of the game (ETS2 or ATS) Now you must open the file live_streams.sii wit notebook, Now you can see this: Copy one string like this: stream_data[0]: "http://stream.radiox.com/choi.mp3|CHOI fm RadioX 98.1 (Quebec, Canada)|CHOI fm RadioX 98.1 (Quebec, Canada)||0|0" Now you must look wich is the max id (for example stream_data[539]), so now edit id of the string that you have pasted before Now you have this string to edit: "http://stream.radiox.com/choi.mp3|CHOI fm RadioX 98.1 (Quebec, Canada)|CHOI fm RadioX 98.1 (Quebec, Canada)||0|0" You must edit the link (http://stream.radiox.com/choi...) with the link of the player of your favourite radio, in this case i insert the link of one italian webradio (It must be an ip:port, link.mp3) Now you must edit the name of the radio (if you want), after the player link you can see the | and after the name of the radio and after another | After the name of the radio you see another text (CHOI fm RadioX 98.1 (Quebec, Canada)), this is the category of the radio After all this work we have this string: stream_data[33]: "linkplayer.mp3|NAME OF THE RADIO|ALL||0|0" Save the file, enter in game and listen your radio If you want remove streams, you only need to remove the string of the radio that you want remove Now we have our favourite stream in the radio! PS: This work should work for ETS2 and ATS because it have the same script!
  3. first of all, you need to have the complete link of the .mp3 player, for example, i want listen M2o (Italian radio), so i go to the player page and click on the left button of the mouse and after that i find the code of the player, i copy the ip and port of radio with .mp3 final. IF you can't find it, search on google ip and port with .mp3 final. Now, let's Work! 1 - Go in your Documents and open Euro truck simulator 2 / American truck simulator folder 2 - Open live_streams.sii with notebook and you will see some strings like this: stream_data[214]: "http://bbcmedia.ic.llnwd.net/stream/bbcmedia_radio1_mf_p|BBC Radio 1|Top 40|EN|128|0" 3 - Copy a string and paste (or you can delete all and insert this once your favourite radio 4 - Set a number (in this example the number is 214, of the max id is 300, you set 301) 5 - Where you see http://bbcmedia.ic.llnwd.net/stream/bbcmedia_radio1_mf_pyou add the player link and after | where you see BBC Radio 1 you insert the name of the radio 6 - Save the file and if the work was done perfectly it should work!
  4. I Think that for the first months there will be one server ( Because for now there aren't much users ) and that in the future will be added other servers..
  5. Very good Guide, now i know more things about the traffic signs! Ps. some texts in screens are illegible
  6. Can You vote this picture? https://worldoftrucks.com/en/image_detail.php?id=000000000017EC78&back=online_profile.php%3Fid%3D1050575
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