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[ARCHIVED] Tips and Tricks for ETS 2: MP

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TAB menu:


If you're wondering how to click those buttons on the TAB menu, the answer is quite simple. Clicking the right mouse button brings up a mouse cursor which you can then use to click on the settings, steam profile, etc. It's also quite useful for those who don't use a steering wheel or game pad as it allows you to easily report users while still being able to control you're truck.




When using the console, there's a few commands you can use to make the game a bit easier. The one I'm gonna be focusing on is the ability to disable tickets and fines. This is useful because if you're in a city by yourself, the last thing you want is to risk getting a ticket for running a red light. To do this, hit the "~" key and type, "g_police 0" without the quotes.


NOTE: using this also blocks any in game reports sent to the admin so do not abuse this. Those being seen abusing it should be reported using the TAB menu noted above. I do not condone any illegal game play and this is to be used solely to turn off fines and should not be used for the sole purpose of disrupting other players. 

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If you still have the issue you could try posting it in the Help section - https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/forum/55-help/



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Hello there,


I will be archiving this guide as we do not see any real need for it. There are plenty of other more featured guides that explain this, as well as various knowledge base articles that talk about these functions.


- Phon

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