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Hello my friends, I have a suggestion to add the Arabic language to the Tracker MP community, since the Arabic language has not yet been officially approved in the game, which appears before you in an image.

Leader AbuTurki

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1 hour ago, BadrAbuTurki said:

Hello there @BadrAbuTurki

It's nice to see your trying to add the arabic language to TruckersMP, I really do appreciate. 

Even thought, I have one question for you. 

Did you read the suggestion rules? It's easy answer, you didn't. 


If you did, you would know you have to follow some speficif suggestion format. Eh, third time you failed.





When suggesting a new idea, please make sure you use the template below, otherwise your suggestion will not be considered.

Please remember to keep your suggestion constructive, and keep it to one idea per topic.


Have a good day,



[MCG] RedWolf [CZ]

TruckersMP Patron Master Trucker & Veteran Driver IV | MCG Expert Driver 



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Hello,I think for a language to become official it needs to have many active users in game and forum as well,arabic language is already added on "Other Language" Section but is inactive,until it has more users I don't think that the language will be added as "Official",that being said,a little tip,when you make a suggestion try reading the rules before making a suggestion,if I m not wrong you already made a similar suggestions a few days ago and you have been told to use the right model on your suggestion.

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