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Fanmade Video | Looking back TruckersMP 9th Anniversary Celebration

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Thank you for watching this video. I am also very honored to be able to participate in the 9th anniversary of truckersmp . As a Media member of 666 Logistics, I love creating ETS2 videos. I am very willing to share the video of this event with you. Let us review it together TMP9 event on the evening of April 28th.

I also saw the excitement of this event. More than 950 or even thousands of people participated in the TMP9 event, experiencing various items in the event, and later the Convoy of ATS and ETS2 .

Welcome everyone to share your unforgettable experience in TMP in the comment area, and look forward to the arrival of TruckersMP’s 10th anniversary, and wish Truckersmp a happy 9th birthday.

Video Link: 



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I mainly focus on Pictures and Videos in this Forum and Game

I can modify pictures by Photoshop and make videos by Pr & AE



🎞 Here are my social media links 🎞

<< YouTube | DiscordBilibili | X.COM >>

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Great Job 👌




                                                                                                                            Youtube | Steam | TruckersMP 

                                                                                                                                   Discord = Shadel#0001

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Hello @Jason_Stephen,


Since your topic has been inactive for a specific period of time, I am going to move it to the Archive to keep the forums organized.

If you wish to get your topic restored in the future, feel free to contact the Media Team.


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