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Allow two new ProMods mods due to fatal error crashes

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Hi everybody,


We are several drivers that experience fatal error crashes when driving on ProMods server in TMP.

The problem only exists when you are using ProMods Middle-East Add-on, ProMods Europe and ProMods TGS together - and it's randomly happening when you are zooming in or out on the map, and when you exit the map.


ProMods has released a solution for this:
The Zoom Crash Fix mod (https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2701258039) and a ProMods-compatible background map mod such as
- ProMods High Quality Map Background: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2485894487
Put the background map mod somewhere above all of your map mods in the Mod Manager and put the Zoom Crash Fix mod directly above the background map mod. 


We are a bunch of people who have tested this solution both in single player and on Convoy, this is working without problem.

As soon as we remove the mods mentioned above, the fatal error crash is returning again.


I've tried to investigate a bit further, but it doesn't seems that ProMods is going to fix this other than with Zoom Crash Fix and ProMods High Quality Map Background as far as I can see.

Therefore it would be very nice if those two mods was allowed on TMP also, so we can continue to drive on our loved TMP ProMods server.

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🚚 TruckersMP 🚛 #truckersmp-updatesSERVER — Today at 1:39 PM

- Added Zoom Crash Fix for ProMods due to an extreme number of crashes (by DOWL)

- Added no collision zones to Folkstone and Calais ports in ProMods


Finally arrived a fix for this! 😃

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  • Community Manager



Thank you for the suggestion!


As of the 16th May, the "Zoom Crash Fix" mod has been natively supported on the ProMods server. You do not need to download it yourself. Thankfully, it has successfully fixed the various crash issues caused by zooming into the map. 

Any crashes that may occur for other reasons, will still need to be reported to the appropriate teams. 




Community Manager


// Completed

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