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How to delete my support Ticket that is no longer needed?

Scottish Lad


Hello guys, i was having issues logging in, (when we were forced to change password a few weeks / months ago) anyway i clicked on reset password and typed my email but never received an Email from TMP i checked the spam folder etc, anyway i created a ticket following the steps the guide tells you to follow, then realised that the support system was in high demand so it could be a while. so i've been guessing my password and turns out i also changed my Email address when we changed password. so i did the password reset again and received the email. so  i Do Not need the support ticket lol, so how do i remove it? because i don't want to waste their time, when they are already overworked lol

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You cannot just simply delete your ticket. Just edit your comment if you can and say that your problem has been solved and they can finish your ticket. If you can edit your main comment, than they will be able to see it even before reading your message saving time.


Let us know if this helped,


Kind Regards,


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