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Changes to character use in usernames


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Suggestion Name: Removal of special characters in usernames.

Suggestion Description: When creating/ changing a username you should not be allowed to use special characters.

Any example images: Unfortunately no.

Why should it be added?: Today I experienced a frustrating event. A player crashed into me and some other people and I forgot to do /pinfo. So I left the game, Uploaded my video and when I wanted to report him I realized he has some weird characters in his name and I couldn't replicate them ( Some examples are Λ, Ξ ).

How should it be fixed?: A solution to prevent this event is to reject any new players who will try to set their usernames using special characters and even block people who change their names. I found a way to report him though, though I went into my game logs and then into the spawn logs and I found him like that. But the bad part about that is that many people don't know how to do it.


Thank you in advance for reviewing my suggestion!


Kindest regards,

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