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Popularity of Calais - Duisburg


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Hello, i recently shared a post for highways mostly empty as AI cars are not yet on servers. On the server with 4200 slot, about 3500 users play every week. But most of them are driving in popular areas. I think they should play multiplayer like a simulation. For example, carrying loads is a lot of fun. They pay for DLCs, but they don't leave the CD road.

I think we can try to close calais and duisburg region on simulation 1 server, albeit for 1 week. Everyone can disperse all over Europe instead of crowding that area. We might even find a new popular roads. In the past, the Bergen - Oslo - Stavenger road was used. I missed that time.

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I'm struggling to see the point in closing Calais to Duisberg.

I also struggle to see why people go to Calais in the first place to sit in traffic with 10 fps... Not to mention the HORRID driving standards of people there

If you're looking to drive with a lot of other trucks around and stuff in more unique roads, I would recommend just joining a VTC or just joining public convoys. I do believe a lot of people that just stick to these areas most likely don't have the DLCs.

But also can someone for the love of everything that is holy please explain why people like Calais so much when imo it's a pretty lame place?

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Closing C-D is not interesting for TMP, I dont know why since many years they never took any actions to avoid an immense traffic jam and to avoid many trolls who are disturbing the pleasure of the serious drivers... Anyway on C-D areas , there are no professional moderation (in my opinion to avoid a new warning) so if TMP dont change any things around C-D, it will continues like that again an again... pitty to see that...

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April 1, 2020. CD Road was closed as a prank event. It just sent the traffic an alternate route for the duration. I believe about 25% of the population hasn't bought any map expansions. Austria had a CD Road when it was updated. But i guess people didn't really like it.


There's other parts of the map. But, you can only drive so far, by yourself. An official TMP event just driving the server would be great. But there's no chance of that happening.

Since my image is too big, click this to view it.


Add these suggestions

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On 10/17/2022 at 8:10 AM, Cordless Kettle said:

But also can someone for the love of everything that is holy please explain why people like Calais so much when imo it's a pretty lame place?


Somewhere along the line it inexplicity became popular like how the port out of Rotterdam used to be abnormally busy. I'm almost willing to bet money that anywhere from a quarter to a third of the server at any one time is on that two-lane highway for one reason; They want to see how many laps they can race before being banned for wreckless driving. Whenever I get someone saying they don't play ATS because there's no C-D equivalent, I quietly tell myself "Good, stay away."


Then you got the folks who have this psychotic desire to be in a traffic jam.  Having to drive an 18-wheeler often through the I-80/90 section through Gary/Chicagoland on a regular basis (and anyone who's driven there will know exactly what I'm talking about), I can only fathom these are people who are too bored with life and are going out of their way to create unnecessary drama and stress for themselves.


I did have an admin tailing me through that road before. I guess I was a model driver since I never got kicked but boy did I see a lot of other people around me getting kicked and/or banned very quickly for bonehead moves. Now THAT was entertaining.

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