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How to report a person without recording a video



Hello, I'm looking for a way to report other users without recording the game screen as a video.
I met a troll while I was working on transportation a while ago. The person in the black car came up to me at a high speed for no reason and caused an accident. My truck and trailer were damaged by about 50 percent and had to be towed.
As soon as the incident happened, I tried to record the scene by pressing the Win + G key, but somehow the recording didn't work. A notification window appeared that my computer does not support this feature.
I remember roughly the time when the incident occurred, and I would like to ask if there is a way to report the person using it.

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Hello @daeeun,


You have to provide video evidence unfortunately.


Personally I recommend Instant Replay (assuming you have a Geforce GPU) - it is always recording but only saves when you use the combination of keys which is ALT + F10.

Something you may consider in the future, or better still like what @LogRol mentioned which is to use OBS or other third party recording software.


Alternatively of course you can report users in-game, but that is dependent on whether a Game Moderator is available at that time to review it - which hopefully that shall improve over the next coming weeks, as TruckersMP have recruited more Game Moderators recently. But you're morely likely to get it reviewed if you submit it on the website instead.


Hope this helps!

Kind regards,


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Unfortunately, you can only file a website report with a valid video evidence if the person who you want to report committed a violation in connection with the §2 - In game rules. You have the option to report them in-game, however, on the famous Sim 1 server in-game reports have an increased chance of being timed out as there are a lot of other reports. You can try to use a different recording software if your PC can handle the load, I personally would recommend using OBS.


Let us know if this helped,


Kind Regards,


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Hello there!

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Hello there,


I am glad that your problem has been solved. Thanks to all, who have participated. Have a great rest of the day!


I will now move this to solved topics.


Kind Regards,

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//Locked and moved to solved.

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