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VTC Report system in website


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Suggestion Name: VTC Report system in website

Suggestion Description: The VTC reporting system I have proposed would be very helpful in improving the status of the VTC system. Once the VTC system was set up, there was not really anyone to oversee the system, and a lot of people set up their companies for fun. The picture I have attached is not the final text, it just shows the basics of the system.
In the pop up window you could choose from the TMP VTC policy points, the same as the in-game report system, or with a text box underneath, you could write down the explicit problem if there is inappropriate use of words in the company.

Any example images:

Why should it be added?: 

The existing solution is to use the feedback system for this purpose, where players had to collect the companies and report them in a feedback form. In many cases ( when looking through more than 100 companies ), it was no longer transparent in the case of the many links what reason was written for which company, but this system would send the problem directly to the staff, speeding up the company reports.

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