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I can't drive on this road...



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1 hour ago, FakeId said:


can someone confirm if it has the same problem and it is a bug? I play with double silo trailer, other players with other trailer can drive on this road.







Hey There,

Looks like Nothing wrongs with game or road I tested the with silo trailer.

You can update from TMP launcher press f1 try update and open the steam click library right click ets 2 click properties and choose the local files and click verify integrity of game files. 


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As I can see that you've solved the problem on your own, I will now move this into "solved", if you ever experience problems again, feel free to open another topic in here or contact the Support Team at truckersmp.com/support



Kind regards,


TruckersMP - Trial Support 


//Locked & moved to Solved

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