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  1. If you downloaded latest setup from TMP website, please check your Windows update if you have everything updated, Applications on Windows need Microsoft Visual C++ 2015-2022 Redistributables ( https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/cpp/windows/latest-supported-vc-redist?view=msvc-170 ) please check if you have installed it. (better if you installed both x86 [32bit], and x64 [64bit] on Windows x64 and only x86 [32bit] on Windows x86). If it does not help please paste the log so we can check. https://pastebin.com/index.php
  2. You can't open mod manager when you run game with TMP client only in single mode, that's why you got warning. TMP disabled mod manager options.
  3. Contact developer because he need fix it, this tool runs with API. You can still create your bus line manually you have link for city with coordinates on first page.
  4. It's nice to ride with a convoy, but I have a annotation about overtaking. The first time I was kicked from server because I almost kick player front me and then I overtaking... ok no problem. But why for God's sake I am kicked because ovetaking at end when I was standing in the parking!!!??? Thank you @Nomad I'm not finished event! [21:40:14] You have been kicked from the server by Nomad.. [21:40:14] Reason: Overtaking
  5. It's new version and you need just update ETS2 and ATS game, try restart Steam app.
  6. Thank you @Haap my problem solved. I don't know how I missed when I was looking.
  7. Hi, how can I change UI skin because there is no folder in C:\ProgramData\ like on old TMP launcher. Thank you for help.
  8. If I know it right, mods doesn't works in TMP only TMP mods works or Grimes season mods. Maybe you think about save/edit, check on forum.
  9. Thank you! Love new launcher all in one place, but there is bug because launcher didn't close after launch the game. Can you fix it or add new features like top 5 cities with mass players in menu and launcher go to minimize or in taskbar?
  10. Hi, can someone confirm if it has the same problem and it is a bug? I play with double silo trailer, other players with other trailer can drive on this road. Screenshot: SOLVED: Problem with summer mod v4.9, I remove it and now works fine.
  11. You need disable Steam Cloud in your game profile settings and in Steam application and you can see files.
  12. You're right. I put today summer mod back in the folder and get again this error. Thank you for information, I always thought that this report for TMP developers.
  13. I have this problem and I uninstall DBus client, TMP client (remove ProgramData files), ETS2 and install it again, but problem not solved. UPDATED: I really don't know what happened but after I installed screen capture tool the game start working and now I don't have this error anymore...
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