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  1. If I know it right, mods doesn't works in TMP only TMP mods works or Grimes season mods. Maybe you think about save/edit, check on forum.
  2. Thank you! Love new launcher all in one place, but there is bug because launcher didn't close after launch the game. Can you fix it or add new features like top 5 cities with mass players in menu and launcher go to minimize or in taskbar?
  3. Hi, can someone confirm if it has the same problem and it is a bug? I play with double silo trailer, other players with other trailer can drive on this road. Screenshot: SOLVED: Problem with summer mod v4.9, I remove it and now works fine.
  4. You need disable Steam Cloud in your game profile settings and in Steam application and you can see files.
  5. You're right. I put today summer mod back in the folder and get again this error. Thank you for information, I always thought that this report for TMP developers.
  6. I have this problem and I uninstall DBus client, TMP client (remove ProgramData files), ETS2 and install it again, but problem not solved. UPDATED: I really don't know what happened but after I installed screen capture tool the game start working and now I don't have this error anymore...
  7. Hi. Today I updated TMP client and ETS2 game on latest version, but I can't play because TMP client crashed. I tried to connect through different cities. I send crash log few times to developers. Why and how fix it? Thank you for answer.
  8. Thank you for answer. I asked it because then they need fixed client bug. Here is example: From Calais to Berlin: Calais: Got in 8 people | Got out 0 people Lille: Got in 4 people | Got out 4 people Liege: Got in 7 people | Got out 1 people Koln: Got in 7 people | Got out 1 people -------------------------------------------- 20 passengers in the bus after it client freeze and show me everytime next bus stop it's Dusseldorf (next station), don't show/tell me for Dortmund, Hannover, Magdeburg and last one Berlin. ETS map stops and logs on DBus site works fine.
  9. Can i ask if passengers is limited on 20 because DBus client everytime bugged? ?
  10. People from multiplayer... ?
  11. Hi.

    Can you please make video tutorial how you save/edit bus and share me YT link? Thank you.

  12. Watch again video tutorial and check which bus station can use... some cities do not have bus stops https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/12o5Bpx7zB2Atn_v4YuCvlDZ8n6dn08IyfjnxqMvQEAY/edit#gid=0 In your case you can use only Bern and Zurich, but Innsbruck, Salzburg, Wien can't. If you wanna drive in other city without bus stop/station then just change route on your map (don't use default) and that's it.
  13. Coach Bus Tours in Europe: I had to change some places because there are no bus stops (Florence, Rome with Milano, Livorno). Due to the limitation, I also removed some cities I wanted to add (below) and you can add as you want. Bologna;3272.945312;45.765625;35144.730469;1.473597;-0.000000;TIME (MINS) Cassino;12247.578125;22.000000;52199.285156;6.283185;0.000000;TIME (MINS) Napoli;13140.433594;2.000000;56649.308594;3.190462;-0.000000;TIME (MINS) _ 1: London > London (4508 km) London;-39754.402344;61.972656;-11496.695312;3.141593;-0.000000;344 Paris;-29860.230469;20.339844;5383.718750;4.293514;0.000000;519 Bern;-12513.406250;55.421875;20124.339844;3.892084;0.000000;368 Milano;-5404.230469;58.292969;29670.125000;2.617994;-0.000000;288 Livorno;-2772.652344;10.000000;40588.160156;3.654723;0.000000;310 Venezia;4816.734375;26.839844;29844.988281;6.178465;0.000000;495 Munchen;3331.699219;31.160156;14049.496094;6.283185;0.000000;475 Berlin;10465.296875;32.792969;-9882.820312;1.570796;-0.000000;538 Amsterdam;-18140.050781;28.863281;-11631.195312;4.345870;0.000000;540 London;-39754.402344;61.972656;-11496.695312;3.141593;-0.000000;0
  14. Bus Routes in France ( 1 route 5 bus stop & 1 route with ferry [F] ) : _ 1: Ajaccio > Bastia (131 km) Ajaccio;-9604.441406;4.718750;47914.757812;4.932301;0.000000;127 Bastia;-7205.425781;2.746094;43989.320312;4.534366;-0.000000;0 _ 2: Bonifacio > Marseille (489 km) F Bonifacio;-8317.871094;3.046875;52371.804688;1.560324;-0.000000;883 Marseille;-23262.597656;9.035156;39065.992188;1.552314;-0.000000;0 _ 3: Bordeaux > Toulouse (311 km) Bordeaux;-48205.734375;43.097656;28016.941406;1.588250;-0.000000;245 Toulouse;-38590.605469;28.503906;35720.476562;2.983483;-0.000000;0 _ 4: Clermont > Limoges (277 km) Clermont;-30817.300781;42.191406;24976.710938;4.712389;0.000000;225 Limoges;-37625.289062;35.363281;23455.957031;0.418878;-0.000000;0 _ 5: Dijon > Reims (381 km) Dijon;-22251.476562;43.078125;16486.437500;1.570796;-0.000000;334 Reims;-24115.882812;41.910156;5980.093750;0.749820;0.000000;0 _ 6: Lehavre > Calais (322 km) Lehavre;-37723.230469;3.000000;1111.546875;1.797689;-0.000000;260 Calais;-30201.074219;11.386719;-4782.480469;3.141593;-0.000000;0 _ 7: Lille > Larochelle (939 km) Lille;-26670.472656;7.070312;-2248.230469;1.780235;-0.000000;206 Paris;-29860.230469;20.339844;5383.718750;4.293514;0.000000;251 Lemans;-39838.691406;32.269531;9962.070312;5.358161;0.000000;204 Nantes;-48363.328125;31.000000;12919.859375;6.268681;-0.000000;125 Larochelle;-46259.136719;4.093750;18822.578125;2.766961;-0.000000;0 _ 8: Nantes > Brest (258 km) Nantes;-48363.328125;31.000000;12919.859375;6.268681;-0.000000;205 Brest;-56557.960938;3.281250;5169.835938;1.384253;-0.000000;0 _ 9: Nice > Montpellier (383 km) Nice;-15803.054688;7.855469;37993.738281;4.712389;0.000000;299 Montpellier;-30271.929688;32.890625;36225.656250;1.570796;-0.000000;0 _ 10: Paris > Lemans (322 km) Paris;-29860.230469;20.339844;5383.718750;4.293514;0.000000;251 Lemans;-39838.691406;32.269531;9962.070312;5.358161;0.000000;0 _ 11: Roscoff > Rennes (265 km) Roscoff;-53965.031250;11.671875;2976.628906;3.822271;0.000000;212 Rennes;-46346.878906;58.042969;8686.816406;5.410521;-0.000000;0
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