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How to get rid of parts without crashing (your game or your vehicle)

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This is an intermediate level guide. While you read this, I assume you know how to find, decrypt, and backup your files, and that you can find the location of the vehicles you want to work on within the sii file. If you don't, please refer to the save editing tutorials for the basics.


So there's adding and there's taking things off. Some of the stuff you can take off, others you can't. SCS mechanism crashes the game if you take certain things off, plus you become a danger on the MP servers if you take certain other things off. In this post I'll tell you what must remain and what I recommend to remain on your truck so that it's drivable and visible on the roads.


For trucks, these paths if removed will crash your game. The file names are self explanatory.








You can replace any of these stuff with the corresponding paths from other trucks, but they must be present for the game to work.


tire/x.sii: these are a bit different. For the wheels you can remove all the nuts, hubs, and discs. That will give you a nice black hole inside your tires like below. But when you remove the tires, the game will automatically give you a set of default tires and rims, destroying the purpose of the parts removal. Putting trailer tires on trucks gives you the default truck tires without affecting rim parts.

steering_w(heel): these can be edited out from the interior without issues, but remains visible for some vehicles if viewed from the outside.

License plates: just get rid of the content in the line, and put a single letter or whatever in there, then reload the game, the plates should be gone. This only works on the vehicle(and trailer) you are currently driving, as switching vehicles from garages will re-apply a default license plate. So every time you change to a different vehicle, you need to save edit again to remove the license plate.




These paths I would recommend keeping for safety reasons:

head_light/xxx.sii (headlights, the front turn signals are always incorporated in them as of when this is written)

mirror/xxx.sii (side mirrors, if these are removed your F2 mirrors also will not work, so keep them for safety)

If your headlights and taillights are removable/modifiable:

f_light_chs/xxx.sii (the 'casing' of the headlights used in Scania models. If you use a bare Scania chassis without these, you will not have headlights even if you include head_light)

r_bumper/xxx.sii or r_fender/xxx.sii (Choose one for most models, not needed for others. The tail lights for most models are incorporated in either the rear fender or bumper, depending on the truck model where your chassis of choice comes from. Trucks with tuning DLCs usually have tail lights in the bumpers. If it's one of the oldest trucks in the game where you can't change the lights in the configurator, like the iveco stralis, then no need for bumper or fender, just keep the chassis as the tail lights are a part of it.)


This also works on cars and buses. Just refer to the names I listed above, they are consistent across all models because the game requires these exact path names. In theory, you are free to remove everything that's not mentioned above, and you can end up with a monster truck running on tires without rims and it has a massive hole in where the radiator used to be. The lowest you should go is generally 10-12 accessories per vehicle. But it can be used for good causes as well, for example you have a double grill covering each other after mismatching your cabin and chassis through save editing, you can get rid of one of them by removing a few lines in your save file. Or if a passenger door mirror is redundant and ugly but you can't get rid of it directly from the truck configurator, now you know how.


For example, here's what's left of a pilot car and a bus after a complete strip-down. For the car, the mirror is gone but the turn signal remained. Note the lack of interior texture and the floating driver inside the bus, after removing the driver's chair.




Caveats on the bus: 

You can remove the seats and interior display screens and effectively have no interior in the entire bus. However, the interior path itself in your save file must be present, it just covers the dashboard for the driver.

You can remove the wheel discs, hubs, and nuts, but the wheel texture will remain. The bus rim texture is a part of the tires, so you cannot have black holes on your bus wheels.

The doors cannot be edited away because they are technically 'windows', which is a part of the cabin.


For trailers:

Must keep: data, chassis, body, paint_job, tire.

Recommended: r_bumper (contains tail lights, you need to be visible).


When you add stuff on from other trucks, I would recommend testing first on single player, make sure you do not alter your vehicle's hitbox. Check all the lights, interior, mirrors in good working condition and nothing is clipping. In general, mod your vehicles responsibly and at your own risk. Hope this helps ❤️

Edited by SprinterFS
Put some pictures in for illustration, and edited out some inaccurate info.
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