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Sana Memorial at TruckersMP HQ


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Suggestion Name: Sana Memorial at TruckersMP HQ.


Suggestion Description: A memorial site at the TruckersMP HQ, A monument statue of a truck with a billboard with readable text (Fly High into the Purple Skies, RIP Sana ❤️


Any example images: https://imgur.com/rPBlVnj       https://imgur.com/FZo7zg7  Something like this but in a bigger scale.


Why should it be added?: 2 months ago, TMP lost one of the most loved members of the community, SanaMaria. She used to be part of the TMP Team and is the founder of Harmony Convoys and Aurora VTC. On the 27th February 2022, Harmony convoys and Aurora organised a Tribute to Sana Convoy.  The event had more then 300+ users taking part of the Sana Tribute. I just feel it should be implemented to go with the launch of TruckersMP HQ. 

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Thanks for your suggestion.


After an internal discussion, we have come to the decision to reject the suggestion.

There are a few internal reasons why we cannot move this forward, however, I cannot really discuss them here.


One of the main reasons being that the city and purpose of OperationHQ, was for the community to engage with the event and the development of the city. 

This would require a lot of work if we were to do this for more incidents such as this.


I hope you can understand the reasoning why we have decided to reject this.



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