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  1. Sandyyy Happy Birthday!  Have a nice day buddy! have funnn! <333 🥳🎂

  2. Suggestion Name: Sana Memorial at TruckersMP HQ. Suggestion Description: A memorial site at the TruckersMP HQ, A monument statue of a truck with a billboard with readable text (Fly High into the Purple Skies, RIP Sana ) Any example images: https://imgur.com/rPBlVnj https://imgur.com/FZo7zg7 Something like this but in a bigger scale. Why should it be added?: 2 months ago, TMP lost one of the most loved members of the community, SanaMaria. She used to be part of the TMP Team and is the founder of Harmony Convoys and Aurora VTC. On the 27th February 2022, Harmony convoys and Aurora organised a Tribute to Sana Convoy. The event had more then 300+ users taking part of the Sana Tribute. I just feel it should be implemented to go with the launch of TruckersMP HQ.
  3. MAN TGX, Love the sound of the indicators
  4. Thank you for your follow, My first official one ?  

    1. Lexora


      You're Welcome.

  5. Thanks For The Follow!

  6. I've been waiting for 8 years for this too happen ? I joined the TMP community 2014 at the age of 17 and stuck by it ever since. I've got a feeling the C-D road may have met its match lol. Looking forward to seeing it fully built. ?
  7. Time for some Traffic Simulator 2022 ETS2 Edition! Hopefully i'll beat my 3 hour record and hit an average of 3kph.  

  8. I'm too unmotivated to be motivated.

    1. Changas!


      Don’t give up, Stay strong!!!??

  9. Heyy^^ Sandy , Thanks for the follow!!!spacer.png

  10. Its a very smart place to put the HQ as the location is where TMP first started.
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