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[ANSWERED] [Game Producer] Questions



1. Tachograph simulation for players: https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/topic/23876-tachograph-simulation-for-players/

Community Manager mentioned a year ago that: "It is not a high priority as some internal projects are more important right now but it will be done!"

Is after a year, has the tachograph work been started even at an early stage of design or is it still on the to-do list?


2. Player version of the report demo system: https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/topic/80454-player-version-of-the-report-demo-system/

About 3 years ago, one of the players: Titanic4 raised an interesting topic related to: "Player version of the report demo system". It's been a long time, now TruckersMP very likely has more possibilities.

Has it been reconsidered in 2021/2022? What do you think about it nowadays?


3. Special Transport at TruckersMP
What are your expectations for this feature? Does in your opinion it has to be fully synchronized with the visible AI pilots? Would you allow, for example, an option less related to simulation, for example: driving on a no-collision- server without synchronizing AI pilots? What is the course of action in this regard?


4. A fully custom set of trailers

We heard about it in October 2020: https://truckersmp.com/blog/226. After that, it was mentioned a few times. 

Initially, it was planned for the first part of 2021. 

Have the priorities related to this function or the concept of what it should look like changed? Is it still a set of trailers or will this project be limited to one trailer initially, and the next ones may appear some time later?


5. There was a fairly significant the number of players has decreased in mid-2021. Since then, it's not good looking at the number of players in statistics. This is probably related to the release of the Convoy mode by SCS, among other things.

Has any action been taken in this regard? For example, were you considering something unique that theoretically does not exist in the official multiplayer: even more emphasis on organization big events and to again analyse possibility the support of Special Transport?


6. Internal projects - staff commitment

Often, players can see, hear information, formulation: internal improvements, updates and generally things for the Team.

Currently, Can you reveal the current direction? Are there still a lot of internal work in progress and more are on the horizon or many internal projects are on the way to completion and then a lot of people will move to work on public things?


7. Have you thought about finding sponsors for TruckersMP? 

I mean companies not individual players.

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Hello @MarkON,


1. It is currently not on the to-do list anymore, see the reply from mwl4 related to this subject. 


2. This is something we need to look into and we have plans related to this. The plans are not fully the same and we still need to do research to see what is possible. 


3. Special Transport will not work without those AI pilots. As long as we do not have AI in TruckersMP, we cannot support Special Transport. When we achieve this, we can start looking into Special Transport, but it will be a hard topic as those AI pilots will probably block roads or do other things which may impact the experience of other users. 


4. Sadly, the person who was working on this is not in the TruckersMP team anymore. Due to this, there is no progress anymore related to this. Our Add-On team currently has a lot of projects on the to-do list, so those custom set of trailers will have to wait. 


5. We indeed took a hit in terms of decreasing player count. Events will be one of our USP's, so Event Managers have a big responsibility to keep these to a high standard. Game Developers will be responsible to bring new features for the community to enjoy, such as the bus project.


6. There are currently internal projects which have not been shared to the community, it is hard to talk about this now as they need to stay internal for some more time. Just stay tuned and you will find out more information.


7. Yes, but no more information will be disclosed. 

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