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[ANSWERED] [PC] Are there any plans to create processes for dealing with deceased staff members?



The purpose of this question is to provide checks and balances in terms of what TruckersMP is doing to handle emotionally sensitive matters, such as the bereavement of current or former team members, as people experience grief in different ways when someone they know and love has passed away. 


Background to this question

Back in the start of January 2022, former TruckersMP staff member Sanamaria passed away, which was confirmed in several status updates on their profile as well as in discussions about this matter on the TruckersMP Discord. Our wishes and condolences go out to her family and closest friends at this time. 



Now that there is a precedent with regards to the death of a former team member, I have decided to ask the following questions, to see whether there is an established process within TruckersMP on managing the deaths of former, or currently serving TruckersMP staff. 


1. How would the bereavement of a team member, current, or former, be managed within both the TruckersMP staff, as well as within the wider TruckersMP community?

2. How could TruckersMP better support the family members, as well as those who were very close to the deceased team member?

3. How can the TruckersMP accounts of deceased members be managed appropriately to minimise unauthorised access?

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Firstly, I just want to say that everyone in this team was hit very very hard by the loss of Sanamaria, she was an incredible person and an amazing person to work with. 


Secondly, the lack of an "official statement" doesn't imply or at all suggest that we have disregarded her loss in the slightest. When something as upsetting as this happens, there's one key thing we must consider and that is privacy. We have absolutely no right to publicise the loss of a staff member and would never do so without explicit permission from their family. 


There is no need for a "system" or "checks and balances" for dealing with the loss of a staff member. I also would say its rather inhumane to suggest that this is now a precedent. Someone lost their life, we are not setting a law. It is incredibly sad and so many people in our team and across the community are mourning the loss of their friend. 


1. Bereavement is handled differently by everyone and so people are encouraged to speak to others. 


2. Unfortunately, TruckersMP is an online community and there is very little we can do in official terms to support families. Furthermore, we have no right to approach a grieving family in such a manner. If they approach us then it is different. 


3. Accounts are protected and won't be touched. 


Let's please also consider that questions like these can reintroduce the past for those who are struggling. The loss of Sanamaria was devastating and so many staff members and community members are still struggling to come to terms with that. Lets please avoid publicly asking these sorts of questions in the future. 



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