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Adding UTC Time to Tab Menu.


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Suggestion Name: 

Adding UTC time to tab-menu.


Suggestion Description:

In the tab menu, you can see that there's quite a lot of space towards the right. Next to where it says "Players Near You". Within this space, you could add the current UTC. After you add this, you'll notice that there's still a lot of free space but since nothing has been added here in the past, I believe it would make an ideal space to show the time. I'm sorry if this description may be short but I feel like what I am trying to describe is fairly straightforward.


Any example images: 



Why should it be added?:

Understandably, this is a small feature and some may say that this isn't needed. However, when you create a report it asks you "Tell us when the offence was recorded" and it gives you options to choose the date and time. Now if you are like me, you sometimes forget the time it occurred since you are focusing on other things. Yes, you can type /time (can't remember the command) but it's likely you'll still be driving at that time - so it's unsafe for you to place your focus on typing this command while you are driving. This is because you are likely to cause a collision since you don't have 100% focus on your screen. Even though it's likely that pressing 'TAB' also diverts your focus but it's safer than trying to type a command. It's also worth mentioning that some players have their tab menu open at all times - which means that the possibility of having their attention diverted via trying to press 'TAB' is very unlikely. 

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