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[ANSWERED] [Dev] Any estimates on when the AI traffic mode could be released or if not, just how the progress is going?



I understand it's not easy to have AI traffic synced for a few thousand players as opposed to just 8 people on the SCS convoy mode. Many of the roads outside of CD road and Germany are mostly dead and it would be amazing to have AI traffic to drive with while also seeing the occasional player come by instead of just completely dead roads, especially in the DLC areas. I could see it potentially bringing in much more players to TMP. I know it's not easy to give a release date but are there any new updates on how progress is going? I did see that last update on it but there's not much good info on it and doesn't go into good detail: https://truckersmp.com/kb/105

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Hello @dragonslayingmaster1000,


At this moment, our Game Developers are focusing on the bus project and improving internal systems, to create features more efficiently in the future. In terms of the AI project, there is currently not that much progress. But it is one of our main ambitions for 2022, so we will definitely look into bringing AI to our servers this year, however it is a hard topic as this AI need to be written from scratch to work smoothly in a MMO environment. 

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