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Event Server Name in the description of an event


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Suggestion Name: Event Server Name in the description of an event.


Suggestion Description: The created events should automatically contain the name of the event server in its description when approved by Event Management.


How the event server name should appear in the description of a public event:

  • As you can see in the first image, the server name is displayed and it's clickable as there is a reference to the event server request which usually contains the temporary rules information for players and event staff.


How the event server name should appear in the description of a private event:

  • As you can see in the second image, the server name is shown as Private Event, and as well as it isn't possible to see the request of this server in the event server calendar as the third image shows, so then there will be no reference to a server request page. An¬†another option for this to give a cleaner look to the private event description is simply not to show the server name line.


Any example images:





Why should it be added?: Players who want to attend in an event that will take place on an event server cannot know the server name unless it's manually entered in the information section by the organizer.


And in a situation where the organizer forgot to put the event server name manually in the information section, the player would have to go to the Event Request page and find the event request to know the server name and temporary rules of the event. We know for players who do not have some experience with the TruckersMP site aren't easy to find.


So, I think that would be very helpful to everyone.

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  • 2 years later...

Hey guys! It's been 3 years since I opened this suggestion and a former CM opened it for discussion, but this topic was lost between the thousands of suggestions that are made monthly.


Something like this has never been implemented, and I still believe it would greatly help Event Organizers and VTCs/players interested in attending a specific convoy.


So, what do you think of this idea? Comment your opinion¬†and¬†let's reheat this topic ūüĎÄūüĒ•

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13 hours ago, InsanoDeath said:

I guess the event name is shown only to those who have access to that event.


Heeey, @InsanoDeath! I don't know if you correctly understood my suggestion and feel free to make other comments, we're here to discuss it.


The reason I created this topic is that the server name should be automatically displayed instead of being a manual task for event organizers and/or VTC Leaders. Presently, whether in text or an image, we always need to include the server name in the description of the attendance list. Example of this (in the spoiler):






And this could be shown automatically by TMP itself. So, it would be nice if this feature could be implemented on the website :kappa:


As exemplified above, for public events, the defined name for the dedicated server will be displayed. Maybe you think, and how does this apply to private events?


Well, this would work similarly to the current approved events calendar as in the image above, if¬†it appears as¬†‚ÄúPrivate¬†Event‚Ä̬†then the Event Server field will have that name.

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