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Unsupported game version detected



Expected ver. [rev. e24f1f8e86d1]

you have ver.

however when I look at the steam beta, I cannot find ver., when I load 1.41.x, which resembles the expected version, I get the same error?

I've reinstalled Truckers MP and validated Euro Truck Simulator 3 but no change.160114315_DesktopScreenshot2021_10.14-16_53_11_22.thumb.png.05b56e918c410d3b8270ab7a81f1a3ef.png

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Hey there,
Under the same drop down menu in the screenshot you provided, click the "NONE" option. This will get you back to the version supported by TMP

If you are having difficulties, here is a step by step guide: 
 1. Head to your "Game Library" on steam
 2. Right click on ETS2
 3. Click "Properties"
 4. Click "Betas"

 5. Under the drop down menu, click on "none". (the very first option)

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We are glad you issue has been solved! I am now going to move this topic to Solved. Thank you everyone who participated.

If you need further assistance, do not hesitate to contact us again here or in our Support System and we will be more than happy to help.


With this being said, have a great day ahead!


Best Regards, 
TruckersMP Support


//Locked and moved to Solved

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