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[GökBörü] XeoNN


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Heyou dear @XeoNN


Are you playing on Notebook or desktop computer, dont forget the tab menu could be in this size due to your monitor resolusion. 


  • As fast, as I know with tab menu you can change it to smaller size ( right click for mouse view, then move your mouse to lower frame, then hold and scroll up) --- as you can see you can make your tab bigger but only to the side but not up or down. 

In that momment I would vetrure say it wont be possible due to your smaller resolution. 



Thank you for reading! 

Have a nice day
Kind Regards

RedWolf [CZ] 

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Hey @XeoNN,


I have faced such an issue several times in the past and there are two solutions which I am personally aware of.


The first solution is quite simple but a bit tricky. You have to hover your mouse over the top or bottom of TAB and try to resize it. It might be a bit hard to perform such action due to TAB being opened across the whole screen from the top to the bottom but should be possible if you click on the edges. If that does not help, the next solution is deleting your TruckersMP config which is located at Documents\ETS2MP.


I hope the solutions mentioned above will help you to solve the issue you are running through.




Game Moderator Leader

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