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How do i fix the map scrolling bug in ATS?

Somehow Lucky


I've made a clip of it: here.

I've done a search using "ats", "map", "scroll", "bug" and found 0 results.


Basically, this is the bug i've been getting and only with ATS. ETS 2 did not have this bug. After installing ATS, i installed 2 mods, one that boosts xp and one that boosts money. After i got all skills and some money, i disabled them and loaded my save to continue there, for mp. But everytime i scroll the map, it won't scroll. I can zoom and set waypoints, but it won't let me scroll the map.

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Hello there, @Aquatic Sparrow


First of all, thank you for creating a topic on the TruckersMP Forum. 


Unfortunately, this is a known bug, and there are some solutions in this thread that may work. I deeply apologise for the inconvenience: 




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Hello there, 

As this topic has not received a further response in over three days, it will be moved to Inactive Topics.


Should you wish to enquire further, please do not hesitate to send a private message to me, or any other Support Team member, who will be able to open your topic for additional responses. Please be aware that you have only one week to do this. 


Kind Regards,

TruckersMP - Support Team


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